Lisa/M V2.1 Autopilot (Discontinued)

This is the NEW Lisa/M autopilot, Version 2.1 Revision 3.


Lisa/M features a very powerful 72MHz 32bit ARM Cortex M3 micro processor. With this powerful processor it is possible to implement sophisticated control algorithms and autonomous flight plans.

The hardware was developed as part of the Paparazzi UAV framework project and is fully integrated and very well tested.

If you are a hobbyist, researcher or system integrator that wants stability as well as flexibility this is the best choice for you. Because Lisa/M was developed by and for the Paparazzi UAV developer community it provides a vast library of modules and subsystems making your path to autonomous flight a breeze.


This board provides the following features:

  • STM32F1 72MHz ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller
    • Simultaneous USB and CAN interface support (Not all STM32F1 support that feature)
  • 3 axis gyroscope (connected over SPI for high speed sampling and low latency)
  • 3 axis accelerometer (connected over SPI for high speed sampling and low latency)
  • 3 axis magnetometer
  • barometer
  • i2c 5V level shifter for compatibility with 5V I2C ESCs
  • CAN (Control Area Network) transceiver
  • 2 TTL level serial ports for telemetry radio and GPS
  • 1 high speed SPI interface for high speed hardware expansion
  • 2 i2c interfaces for actuators and sensors
  • 2 serial input interfaces for remote control receivers
  • 1 CAN interface for actuators and sensors
  • 1 USB port
  • 8 PWM outputs/inputs for Servos or legacy PPM RC receivers
  • 3 Analog inputs for thermopiles, sensors or other


This is Version 2.1 Revision 3 of the Lisa/M autopilot. It has been improved from the popular 2.0 version of the board.

  • Removed BMP pressure sensor that has not been used for quite some time.
  • Removed Analog 2 connector that was connected in parallel with the LEDs.
  • Integrated Aspirin IMU into the board to save weight and production cost as well as increase reliability.
  • Added "Bind button". No need for custom jumper wires any more when you want to bind your transmitter.
  • Fixed USB power bus. The STM32 will not detect phantom USB devices in high ambient temperatures.
  • Increased mounting hole size to the more common M3 screws.


We recommend ordering the Picoblade Wire Kit to break out all of the picoblade input and output connections on the Lisa/M autopilot. We also recommend buying the Black Magic Probe JTAG/SWD programmer and bebugger. It provides much better programming and debugging capabilities than the built in DFU luftboot bootloader.


For more information on Lisa/M visit the Paparazzi UAV wiki.

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