Lisa/S Nano Quadcopter Kit (Discontinued)

This autonomous nano quadcopter kit, is a fully functional flying robot. Featuring the smallest commercially available full autonomy capable Lisa/S autopilot.


The Lisa/S is currently the smallest fully capable autopilot on the market. It incorporates all sensors, including GPS, magnetometer and barometer needed for fully autonomous operation. It is based on the popular and powerful Paparazzi UAV platform that provides dynamic flight plans, not just waypoints as most other platforms do. The Lisa/S is also easy to use as it has built in solid state switches, integrating direct control of the brushed motors on this kit's airframe, eliminating the need of external circuitry. Thanks to the fast STM32 processor on Lisa/S the motors are controlled using a 32kHz PWM signal. For that reason they run very quietly without a typical high pitched audible noise, making for a pleasant flight experience. The 500Hz closed loop controller keeps the aircraft very stable despite it's small size. The overall dimensions of this tiny UAV are 120mm from motor to motor, with a weight of 39g (0.086 lbs) which is under the FAA registration weight limit of 250g (0.55 lbs). Qualifying it in the nano quadcopter class.


The innovative SuperbitRF radio system eliminates the need of separate radios for RC control and telemetry, minimizing the footprint of the avionics. As well as the weight and power consumption of the aircraft. You just need to plug the SuperbitRF USB dongle into your computer to receive information from your autopilot on your UAV Ground Station software.


This kit requires some soldering and assembly. You can choose the "Pre-soldered" option to have us do the soldering for you. For assembly you will need a size P0 philips screwdriver. Additionally you will need to upload the Paparazzi UAV firmware onto the autopilot, using an SWD capable JTAG Adapter. We recommend ordering a Black Magic Probe.


This kit contains:



We recommend using the following transmitters:

We are working on adding more remote controls to the list.


    Q: What does "Some Soldering Required" mean?

    A: You will have to solder the motor adapter kit to the Lisa/SFor a visual step by step assembly tutorial see here. You can either strip the connectors from the motor wires and solder the motor wires directly to the Lisa/S, or you can solder the motor adapter board to the Lisa/S. If you decide to solder the motor wires directly to the Lisa/S board you will have the lowest weight solution. If you decide to solder the Motor Adapter board to the Lisa/S you will be able to disconnect the motors for easy replacement in the future.


    Q: What does "Pre-soldered" mean?

    A: We will solder the 10pin 0.05" pin header into the Lisa/S programming and serial output port for you. We will also solder the Motor Adapter board onto the Lisa/S, to get you flying as fast as possible.


    Q: Where can I find some documentation on how to get started?

    A: You should check out the paparazzi UAV documentation wiki. Together with our community of users we are writing and improving the documentation all the time. Feel free to make an account yourself and start adding your knowledge to the wiki. For a visual step by step assembly tutorial see here. More documentation can be found on the Lisa/S wiki page.


    Technical Paper:  Lisa/S 2.8g autopilot for GPS-based autonomous flight


    (WARNING: The Lisa/S board is designed to be powered only by a 1S LiPo. This means the board can only accept up to +5.5V, any higher voltage may lead to the destruction of the power supply circuitry.) 

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