JTAG SWD Adapter

This JTAG Serial Wire Debug (SWD) adapter makes the connection of the Black Magic Probe to 1 BIT SQUARED products very simple. Just plug the adapter into the JTAG IDC ribbon cable on one end and the USBRFLisa/S or another Black Magic Probe onto the other.


In striving for smaller hardware, 1 BIT SQUARED is incorporating the 4 pin 0.05" pitch SWD connector into our designs. This adapter makes the connection between the ARM cortex standard 10 pin ribbon cable to our 4 pin connector very simple.

Black Magic Probe V2.1 also features a 4+1 pin version of this connector for programming and debugging the Black Magic Probe itself. With this adapter you will be able to program, debug and extend the functionality of your Black Magic Probe firmware using another Black Magic Probe. We call it "Black Magic Inception". 

The pinout of our SWD connector is the following:

  • GND


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