Superbit CYRF Radio Module

The Superbit CYRF is a micro radio receiver and transmitter module for protocols that can be implemented using the CYRF6936 chipset. It is currently implementing DSM2 and DSMX protocols.


  • Size: 13mm x 15mm
  • Weight: 1g (0.035oz) 


Using CYRF and the Superbit software, you can add Spektrum radio control as well as telemetry to your autopilot system. No need for an RC receiver AND telemetry modem. This solution saves a lot of space, power consumption and weight. CYRF was developed with the Lisa/S autopilot in mind. Using CYRF you can build your nano UAV without the need for bulky radio equipment.


What is included:


This product is intended for those who want to implement the SuperbitRF functionality into their own UAV platform. This module does not include any software. It will require a platform with an SPI interface and appropriate software to be able to use the module as described above. The SuperbitRF functionality is currently only available through:


For more information visit the SuperbitRF project page on the Paparazzi UAV Wiki and the SuperbitRF firmware repository.


Technical Paper:  Lisa/S 2.8g autopilot for GPS-based autonomous flight


We recommend using the following transmitters:

We are working on adding more remote controls to the list.

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